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Looking for a simple 2 step strategy to get more customers with Social Media?

Well here it is…

How To Make Social Media Work For You, the simple 2 step process:How To Make Social Media Work For Your Business, The Simple 2 Step Process

1) First, Find your consumer online.

2) Second, Plan a marketing strategy in advance.

Before blindly joining a Social Network and spouting off about your business, the best marketing strategy is to first learn exactly where your consumers are.

Study and engage with them on their “home turf”

Look for online groups where your customer base is already actively congregating and start engaging them there.

It will be easy for you to find groups, networks, and forums of people on just about any subject, just google it!

Once you have a good idea where to find your customers, decide on your plan of attack.

Think about exactly how you will “become the expert” in the niche you are targeting. What can you offer to the group to “show your stuff”? What value can you bring to others to help them see you as a trusted source? It’s all about “networking” and building credibility and trust.

Your Mission: Participate, answer peoples questions, offer things for free, and entice people to contact you.

Goal: Get people to click over to your website where you can capture their information and contact/market to them in your database.

You can engage with them on the platform that they are on and then send them to one of your offers. Once you have their attention you need a good plan to convert those “fans” into paying customers.

Social Media Marketing Strategy For Busienss, Simple 2 Step Process

You also want to give them your best stuff up front… for free!

I know it sound’s crazy, but if you really wow them upfront your conversions will go through the roof! Think about it like this, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so if you don’t impress them upfront they will probably never buy from you.

But if you can WOW them upfront, they will be thinking “if I got this much good stuff upfront, just imagine what I will get when I become a customer!”

Think about it from the perspective of the customer, how can you make the process easy, seamless and fun from them to buy from you. Then, once you have them in your database or a social network keep showing them love and giving value first… do this consistently and you will see a river of new customers coming your way!

Think about how you will follow up with them if they don’t buy right away. There are many things you can do to automate the follow up process so you can automatically convert your prospects into buyers.

Many business owners don’t have the time or the resources to maximize the power of social media. So delegating this to someone else can be a smart move especially if you are short on time.

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