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Facebook Marketing: Why Have A Business Fan Page – How To Grow Your Business With Facebook Marketing

Once you have set up and configured your personal Facebook profile, next step is to set up your Business Page, often referred to as a “Fan Page.”

But many people ask: Why have a business fan page?

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to have a Facebook Fan Page for Your Business

1. Community Building: The Fan Page is one of the best platforms for your top customers to come together for your product or services. Encourage your fans to submit text testimonials, post pictures, create and upload video, hold discussions with each other – all supporting the growth of your online community.

2. Search Engine Optimization: The benefits of creating a Fan Page also give you more footing in search ranking. By generating strong backlinks (from a high ranking site like Facebook) to your business’ pages as well as having a Facebook Fan Page with your name in the title, your business will be receiving some big time bonus points in the SEO department.Facebook Marketing: Why Have A Business Fan Page - Grow Your Business With Facebook Marketing

3. Insights: Facebook Fan Pages are well equipped with a good amount of analytics tools (see our post on google analytics)  accessible for page owners. You can track the number of interactions your page has with fans, view key demographics like sex, age, and location, and more. Target and expand!

4. Communication: You have several customization options when choosing to communicate with your fan base. You can send an update that appears as notifications on homepages… Don’t forget – since you can publish to the “stream”, you’re able to communicate messages and posts directly into your fans’ homepages.

5. Price: Ummm…Did I forget to mention that it’s completely free, and who doesn’ like free? All of these previous benefits are available for the low, low cost of zero dollars. You could have one up and running in a jiffy.

The time to start a Facebook page is right away!

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