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Facebook Marketing Tips: Updated Rules & Regulations for Facebook Promotions

Facebook is a powerful social media platform with a wide reach. It comes in very handy for businesses and brands trying to target a wider audience in a more direct way.

Facebook recently announced (via its blog) some changes to policies regarding how brands can run promotions on their pages and we wanted to share this information with you.

It’s important to stay up to date with all the latest and greatest Facebook info because it can greatly affect the success of your Internet marketing efforts.

Previously, brands and businesses were required by Facebook to use third-party applications to administer contests and promotions of any kind through their official brand or company pages.… Read More >>

3 Simple Exercises for Planning Your Branding Strategy

ID-100199533Has your company spent any time in the past developing your unified brand strategy plan? Brand is a popular buzzword in the marketing industry, but many people don’t really know what it means.

Your brand is the experience customers have when doing business with you. Customer experience is vital to your long-term success.

In addition to creating a brand strategy plan, it is often necessary to revisit it regularly to see what direction things are moving in. This will help your brand remain relevant, consistent and forward-thinking.

To evaluate or reevaluate your brand, consider asking the following questions.… Read More >>

How To Use Twitter – What To Tweet About

Today’s Tip: Effectively using Twitter for Business…

Twitter-money-business-success-stories.jpgTweeting online is a great way to become more real to your followers and be seen as “a people person”.

One of the main reasons our team is regularly helping business owners use the Internet to get more customers is that we are always utilizing all the latest high-tech communication mediums.

The best part is that you can too!

Remember when using twitter for your business, tweet about things that your customers and prospects would find useful.

An example of a good tweet: “I just finished a great new article on how to get more customers for your business, let me know what you think: (share link to article) ”

An Example of a bad tweet: “I just went to McDonalds to get a cheeseburger.”

Can you notice the difference?…

Internet Marketing Tips: Connect With Your Prospects and Clients (They Will Love You For It)

Connecting with your clients and prospects online is an easy, free, and fast way to get more customers.

To do it right you need to make it easy and “non-threatening” for your audience to participate.

So what does that mean exactly?

It means that not only does your content matter on the social web, but your personality matters too.

Custom Websites Loud Media SolutionsIn other words, you want to be accessible and approachable in all of your social media marketing communications.

Think of it just like real life…

Don’t talk at people, don’t complain, don’t be negative, and don’t be a jerk (no one likes that stuff)

Talk with your fan base in a manner that makes it clear that you want them to join the conversation.… Read More >>

Email Marketing – Why do email marketing?

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for $1

People are always asking us “what is the best way to make more money for my business?”

And that’s generally a complicated question, but if you break it down its simple…

You need to generate more sales from your current customer database.

Most people when they first find your business aren’t ready to buy, they are simply searching for information.

So that means capturing those visitors email and following up with them over time will give you the most bang for your buck marketing online.… Read More >>

Social Media and Internet Marketing Tip #8: Showcase Your Stuff With Video Marketing

Get down with your bad self!

Don’t be afraid to showcase what you and your company do with video.

Multimedia and video is such a key part of the social media experience. Connecting with people and presenting strong, entertaining, content rich multimedia messages allows you to display your company’s value proposition beyond just text.

video marketing p90xAs they say a picture is worth a thousand words… so what does that mean for a video…

Ten thousand words?…

One hundred thousand words?…

A million words?!

Here’s a quick example of effectively showcasing what you do with video can do.… Read More >>

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