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Internet Marketing for Business: Tips on Using Instagram to Engage Customers

There are a lot of ways to utilize social media to grow your business profile on the web. A custom website is a valuable tool, but shouldn’t be the extent of your web presence. If you’re not on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you’re missing out on effective internet marketing for your business.

One of the best social media tools to use for interacting with your customer base is Instagram. With Instagram, you can make your customer’s experience better through quality images and videos of your product. You can also use Instagram to reach out to new customers.… Read More >>

Social Media Advertising Tips for Success

Social media and advertising go hand in hand. Is your brand using social ads to get the most bang for your marketing buck? Even if you are having some success, there is always room for improvement!

Check out these simple tips to help your brand or business get the most out of social media advertising. And if you need some extra help with social media, we’re always happy to lend a hand!

1. Target the right people

The success of an ad on social media has a lot to do with who it was targeted to.… Read More >>

Online Marketing Success Tip: Target the Right Audience

The world lives online these days and marketers must pay attention to this. Online marketing is not a magic bullet. It require careful planning, strategies that have been chosen with end goals in mind. Recently, a company took some flack because it inadvertently advertised its product (electronic cigarettes) on the platform of a children’s video game. Clearly, children are not the intended market segment for the product and the company apologized, pulling the ads.

There’s something that other brands can learn from this snafu however. Are you putting a great deal of resources into your advertising, only to have it yield mediocre results?… Read More >>

5 Tips On “How to Use Instagram to Grow your Business or Brand”


5 Tips On How to Use Instagram to Grow your Business or Brand

Using Instagram to Grow your Business or Brand…

By now you’ve probably heard of or even use the social media platform Instagram as a way to share cool, filtered photos with your friends and family.

But are you currently using Instagram for your business? If you answered no, we think you should consider it.

It’s one thing to simply use a social media platform such as Instagram for fun, but to integrate it into your Internet marketing for business strategy is a whole other animal.

So what do you do?


5 Secrets To Get More Customers and Measure Your Results (Social Media Marketing Tip #8)

Social Media Tips: 5 Way's To Get More Customers and Measure Your Results

Don’t get wrapped up in all the  Social Media Mess…

Just like a spider web, business owners can get tangled in their own social media web because if done incorrectly it becomes a time-consuming obsession or they don’t have a strategy and get wrapped up in all the BS.

Business owners and Marketers who know the ways’ through the tangled maze are the ones who do BIG THINGS with Social Media.

Here are 5 Tips to make sure you don’t get tangled in the “social media web”

Social Media Tips: 5 Way's To Get More Customers and Measure Your Results1) POPULARITY: Keep an Ear to the Ground

Don’t spread yourself thin by trying to have a presence on every social networking site available.… Read More >>

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