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6 Reasons You may be Losing Followers

For most businesses, an internet marketing strategy is vital to keeping the lights on. Can you think of a company that doesn’t rely on the web in at least some measure?

If they still exist, they’re a rare breed.

For most of us in business, the idea of not having an internet marketing strategy is unimaginable.

But what does a company do when it starts hemorrhaging followers?

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The last thing you need is followers clicking the unsubscribe button. You need to immediately find out what’s going wrong and turn it around.… Read More >>

7 Tips for Effective Calls To Action

No doubt your internet marketing strategies involve calls to action placed throughout your website, blog, and social media pages.

Are you sure they’re working as effectively as possible? You may be surprised at how a simple tweak can make or break your calls to action.

It often boils down to simple factors like color or sizing.

If you think your calls to action are stagnant and failing to produce the results you were hoping for, try doing a little experimentation. Here are a few tips.

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1.) Color-

Try making your calls to action pop by changing up the colors for the buttons.… Read More >>

7 Email Marketing Trends You can Expect to See in 2015

With Facebook getting more expensive for business at every turn, it’s only natural for companies to start leveraging other avenues for reaching out to their customers.

Companies are turning to email marketing as an affordable and effective way to build their following and increase their traffic and business.

Here are some email marketing trends you can expect to see in 2015.

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1.) Timing-

Companies are putting more research into their email timing to determine when is the most effective time to send them.

Maximizing your email’s effectiveness depends on your open rate, and determining when your followers are opening them the most will prove valuable.… Read More >>

Internet Marketing Strategies for Reaching Millennials

If you want your company to survive, you’d better learn how to market to millennials. They’re numbers are growing, and they’re already surpassing baby boomers. Very soon, they will be the largest consumer group there is.

This demographic does more research prior to purchasing than any other.

You need to take that into consideration when crafting your internet marketing strategies or you could be missing out on the fastest growing consumer demographic.

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Internet marketing strategies can get pretty muddled. If you’re not careful, you can alienate your target demographic, throw your dignity out the window, and permanently damage your brand.… Read More >>

Why You should Include User Generated Content in your Company’s Internet Marketing Strategy

However your company decides to conduct its internet marketing, there needs to be user generated content involved.

Good user content is perhaps the best way to get conversations started and encourage meaningful dialogue with your company’s followers and customers.

It also provides a valuable opportunity to get organic feedback from your target audience, speaking directly to the people buying and using your product and giving them a chance to interact with each other.

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User content is especially applicable to your social media marketing. You can’t go wrong posting users’ comments, videos, and pics on social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.… Read More >>

4 Tips for Good Internet Marketing Practices

When it comes to internet marketing, there’s always going to be a million ways you can mess it up.

No matter what industry you’re in, poor internet marketing practices are a sure fire way to damage your company’s reputation and make sure no one wants to see you coming.

If your company has been abusive, annoying, or irresponsible, no one is going to sign up for your emails or pay any attention to your ads.

Once that happens, you can bet you have some costly rebranding or bankruptcy on the horizon.  … Read More >>

4 Fast & Easy Tips for Effective Micro Content

One popular phrase in the world of internet marketing right now is micro content. You’ve probably heard it a lot. But what is it?

Micro content is content that is short, easily posted on social media outlets, and doesn’t require much of your time or resources.

But it’s valuable regardless of its size. You have probably also heard  “short and easily digestible” to describe good social media posts, especially for Twitter. Perhaps nothing describes micro content better than that.

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And micro content is the kind of content you’re probably already posting on social media.… Read More >>


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