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YouTube vs. Vimeo – Choosing the Best Video Platform to Promote Your Business

After careful research, design, and finding the right people for the job, your company is implementing your social media and internet marketing strategies.

You’ve put the time and resources into a great website, a rich and interesting Facebook page, quality tweets, and great images on Instagram. Now it’s time to decide if breaking into video marketing is the right move for your company in addition to all your other marketing strategies.

Is video marketing worth it? Well, a lot of companies seem to think so.

Why is Video so Important?

And with good reason.…

Complete Guide to Using LinkedIn for Business: Internet Marketing Tips

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the red-headed stepchild of social media. But it shouldn’t be. It may not have Facebook’s billion or Twitter’s 500 million active users, but the 225 million users on LinkedIn speak to its popularity. Since its inception in 2002, LinkedIn has proven itself a viable tool for employers and job seekers alike.

Is LinkedIn Important for Business?

The main reason LinkedIn isn’t as popular as Facebook or Twitter is people often have a problem with the business nature of the platform. Focused on connecting people for professional purposes, LinkedIn makes it easy to reach out to strangers and acquaintances in ways that would be inappropriate or unwelcome on more personal venues like Facebook and Twitter.… Read More >>

Internet Marketing for Business: Tips on Using Instagram to Engage Customers

There are a lot of ways to utilize social media to grow your business profile on the web. A custom website is a valuable tool, but shouldn’t be the extent of your web presence. If you’re not on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you’re missing out on effective internet marketing for your business.

One of the best social media tools to use for interacting with your customer base is Instagram. With Instagram, you can make your customer’s experience better through quality images and videos of your product. You can also use Instagram to reach out to new customers.… Read More >>

Internet Marketing Tips: How to Get Ahead in Business

No matter what your job or business is, there are lessons to be learned from entrepreneurs. The thing that entrepreneurs know that some other people tend to forget is that everything you do impacts your business’ success or failure. Entrepreneurs know this because sometimes it means learning tough lessons.

Here at Loud Media, we are devoted to helping our clients succeed. Whether it’s helping them with the development of an overall marketing plan, social media consulting for business leads, or just designing a kick-ass custom website, we want our clients to get ahead.… Read More >>

What Internet Marketers can Learn from #NormCore

As Internet marketing experts, we try to keep our ear to the ground so we can always be current on the latest and greatest things taking place, not just in Internet land but across all industries. There’s a new social media buzzword which is also a hashtag taking the fashion world by storm.

It’s called “normcore.” #normcore. According to Mashable, Normcore is a fashion trend that involves “young urbanites dressing like bland ’90s-era dads.” The main clothing that makes up the trend includes stone-washed jeans or athletic shorts, New Balance running shoes and fleece pullovers.… Read More >>

Internet Marketing Tips for Optimized Mobile Website

There are a few truths that most people would agree with. Treat people kindly. Do unto others. Etc. There are also marketing truths. Your brand must be authentic. All brands should have a website.

These days, there’s a new marketing truth that you need to be aware of. Your website must be optimized for mobile.

There’s just no getting around it. If you have a website, it should have a mobile component. Too many users get their information solely from mobile devices these days. Brands and businesses just can’t afford to ignore the mobile market.… Read More >>

Tech Talk: Jelly App for Online Marketing

There are always new apps hitting the tech world, but there’s a new one that is getting some attention. Here’s a hint…it shares a name with peanut butter’s perfect partner. Jelly!

jellySo just what is the Jelly app? Jelly is an app that seeks to help users get their questions answered. By tapping into users’ social networks, Jelly helps them crowdsource a variety of opinions to find the answers they seek.

Mashable is calling it “sort of a cross between Quora and Snapchat.”

To use Jelly, you take a photo and ask a question.… Read More >>


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