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How to Grow Your Business with Facebook, The “3x Formula” with Adam Spiel

You’ve probably been using Facebook for some time now. Depending on how you’re using it, you may notice the slight changes that are constantly taking place with regard to the way it functions. These changes affect personal accounts, but even more so they have a great impact on using Facebook for a business or brand.

It is possible to make Facebook work for you, but you gotta know the secrets. That’s why we’re sharing this incredible video with you today. Our own Oliver Graf sat down with Internet marketing guru Adam Spiel to talk about Facebook.… Read More >>

How to Run Facebook Promotions According to New Guidelines

Contests are a great online marketing tool to generate leads and drive traffic to your website or online store. Some brands have shied away from diving into the world of contests, especially when it came to Facebook because the social media giant had a long laundry list of rules, regulations and restrictions about how to run contests on Facebook business and brand pages.

Things are looking up for those folks because Facebook recently changed its rules and loosened many of the restrictions that used to be in place.

The biggest change that has taken place with regard to Facebook contests and promotions is that businesses can now run them directly on their timelines (as opposed to through a 3rd-party app).… Read More >>

Using Google Analytics to Track Brand Awareness

In order for marketing to be successful, it must be measurable. Awareness is one of those tricky things that can seem hard to measure, but when you tie it to specific metrics, it really is something you can track for your brand or business.

Brand awareness just means how strong your brand is. It’s the extent to which people (i.e. consumers) know about your brand and fully understand what it is you do (i.e. what services or goods you provide).

Google Analytics are a good way to measure brand awareness and the best part about that is it is free for you to do so.… Read More >>

5 Tips for Capturing Search Engine Traffic (Get more traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing)

Many business owners are tasked with the challenge of building a great website for their brand.

The only problem is most people focus too much on how it looks, and not how well it is optimized.

To put it another way, if you only focus on the way your website  looks…isn’t your website like that proverbial tree in the forest.

If nobody hears it fall, did it really happen?

Same goes for your website. It doesn’t matter how amazing website looks, if you have zero traffic and lousy conversions what’s the point?… Read More >>

Internet Marketing Tips: Build Massive Credibility Online and Grow Your Business Fast

Build Massive Credibility Online

One of the best ways to bring attention to your business
is to be featured on larger media outlets

(I.E. News, Radio, TV), industry websites, and other related blogs.

Custom Website Experts


And the best way to get invited to be a guest on these large industry sites and blogs, is to become a recognized “expert”.

So how do you do that?

Here is a quick strategy…

By effectively using social media sites to share your
wealth of knowledge in your field or niche, others will start to notice.… Read More >>

Destroy The Competition >> Internet Marketing Robots Grow Your Business Fast!

Internet Marketing Robots Destroy The Competition!

These robots are Internet Marketing Experts here to help you get MORE visitors and MORE traffic to your website.

Push Play Below:


Your website IS your business. . . That’s why some of the country’s leading companies turn to LOUD Media Solutions when they are looking for web development with a high ROI.

At LOUD Media Solutions we don’t just build websites that look awesome. We create
websites that are designed to convert visitors to customers and customers into raving fans.

We can build it all!…

Checklist For Online Customer Service Excellence

Creating a buzz and “Wow-ing” your customers are two key factors for success online.

Take a look at the checklist below to see how well you measure up…

Make it easy for your customers to contact you and over deliver.

What are the essentials?

Here are some things that customers expect
Online Website Customer Service
-Contact information clearly displayed
– Phone or 800 number – preferably on the home page (and every other page)
– Access to pricing information
– FAQs, post them and have them easily accessible.
– Real-time inventory that assures shoppers of product availability
– Post-order/opt-in confirmation sent via email

Features that add to the customer experience

-Value add follow up campaigns
-Special discounts to repeat and VIP customers
-Stepped checkout and contact process to ensure a streamlined order flow
-Listing customer service hours and availability
-Standing behind products and offering a 100% guarantee
-Shopping carts that keep cart additions even if they leave the site and come back
-Product photo in the cart, which helps recall while averting returns
-One-click checkout/contact
-Ability to sign up for “value add” emails
-Making it as easy to contact you as possible.… Read More >>


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