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How to Hire and Manage Virtual Assistants To Free Up Your Time and Grow Your Business

During the short time we’ve known Daven Michaels, we’ve seen him do some amazing things as a speaker, CEO and international trainer.

In the following video hangout with Daven Michaels, CEO of 123Employee, we cover all the in’s and outs of hiring and managing virtual assistants.

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As an entrepreneur seeking to offer opportunities for other people, Daven Michaels gets a great deal of fulfillment from his business.

However he understands that trying to be a one man show can be exhausting.

With less help than ever before, and more work to do, hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to be more efficient and save time and money in your business.… Read More >>

Social Media and Internet Marketing Tip #7: Don’t Kill Your Fanbase… Interact!

Social Media and Internet Marketing Tip #7: Don’t Kill Your Fanbase… Interact!

Get More Fans, and Engage Your Community of Clients and Prospects

Internet and Social Media Marketing Tips Internet Marketing Success starts with Engaging and Interacting with your fans, followers, and visitors.


In today’s world anyone can set up a blog or fan page… it only takes a few minutes


Simply starting up a blog or a Facebook fan page is not going to do much good (if the people who visit your site feel that the flow of communication is  only going one way).… Read More >>

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So grateful for what you guys were able to do, I just tried some of the free marketing strategies you showed me and made a bunch of quick cash, thanks again!

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