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Simple Ways to Use Google+ for Your Business – Internet Marketing tips from the Pros

There are so many different social media platforms at our disposal as Internet marketing pros. But how do you know which ones to focus on and gplus-icons g+128which ones to ditch?

Google+ is proving itself to be an invaluable social media marketing asset that meshes perfectly into any kind of existing social media marketing strategy. With 90 million users and still growing all the time, Google plus is here to stay, and no matter the niche or field, every business can benefit from a Google+ account. Here’s some reasons why.

Getting Started- One of the most valuable parts of a Google+ account is the “about page”.… Read More >>

How to Use Google Analytics For Customer Retention

Content is king, but in order to really get the maximum impact for your content online, it’s important to have a content strategy in place.

The first step is understanding your audience because this is how you will know what content to create and how to share it.

When you understand the needs of your customers, you can meet those needs and thus fulfill your business goals and objectives.

Whether you are starting from scratch or revisiting your content marketing plan to give it some upgrades, there are many ways you can use Google Analytics to ensure your content is going to spread.… Read More >>

Generate Leads with Google AdWords

Generating leads is a big part of any business and one way to generate more leads for your biz is to optimize your landing page.

When a visitor arrives at your website landing page, they should want to proceed. You can draw them in by creating an awesome landing page for your website.


The landing page should load quickly and be easy to navigate. Also, you probably want to make sure it follows Google landing page guidelines.


If you create a form as a tactic to generate leads on your landing page, remember to make it user friendly and easy to complete.… Read More >>

Using Google Analytics to Track Brand Awareness

In order for marketing to be successful, it must be measurable. Awareness is one of those tricky things that can seem hard to measure, but when you tie it to specific metrics, it really is something you can track for your brand or business.

Brand awareness just means how strong your brand is. It’s the extent to which people (i.e. consumers) know about your brand and fully understand what it is you do (i.e. what services or goods you provide).

Google Analytics are a good way to measure brand awareness and the best part about that is it is free for you to do so.… Read More >>

Complete Google+ Design Guide (with All Image & Photo Sizes)

Complete Google+ Design Guide (with All Image & Photo Sizes)

It doesn’t matter if you have a large company or a small one, if you are trying to promote your brand and connect with any type of audience, it’s important to have a presence on Google+.

With all the social media platforms cropping up these days, it can be challenging to stay current on the regulations and design specifications. That’s why we wanted to share some handy information that will help you design your Google+ page for business.

Before you can create a Google+ page for business, you must first have a personal Google+ profile.… Read More >>

How To Optimize Your Google+ Local Business Page (7 Simple Tips)

How To Optimize Your Google+ Local Business Page

Google+ is a social media platform some people have been slow to embrace, but if you have a business or brand that you are trying to promote, you can’t really afford to ignore the benefits of Google+.

This is especially important when you are trying to optimize your local business page.

During the summer of 2012, Google places became Google+ Local. Brands and businesses with Google places pages were transitioned to Google+ Local at that time. The point of Google+ Local (according to Google) is to help users discover and share places.… Read More >>

How Do Google Algorithm Changes Affect My Website?

As a brand or business, it is crucial that you have a custom website. Consumers rely heavily on the Internet for many things, especially when it comes to performing research on goods and services they might want to buy.

Does your business or brand have a custom website that expresses your unique personality? This is vital for growing credibility and gaining customers.

Custom websites also help your brand or business leverage the power of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is how you achieve top positions in web search.

Google has a lot of influence when it comes to Internet search.… Read More >>


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