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Get Mega-Returns from Facebook with these 4 Simple Tips

With over a billion users, Facebook is still the hottest thing going for business when it comes to social media. Sure, there’s lots of other highly effective outlets, like Twitter and Instagram, but Facebook is still number one. At least right now, anyway.

Even with the recent changes, it’s still more than cost effective and worth every penny your brand puts into it. Don’t discount Facebook because it requires a little more thought and effort these days.

You can still leverage it to tremendously impact your brand’s bottom. Here are some ideas on how to really make your Facebook pay off.… Read More >>

7 Changes Coming to Facebook in 2015

Facebook is rolling out some new Events features this year, and that means the way you use Facebook for your business may need some tweaking.

As Facebook continues to make it harder to use for business, keep up with some of the changes that might change how you’re doing things.

1.) Expect To See More Events/Related Events In Your Feed-

You already sometimes see it when a friend RSVPs an event in your feed. Soon you’re going to see a lot more of these updates. Facebook is hoping to expand its role as a social planning app by encouraging users to RSVP or join events more often.… Read More >>

Promoting Your Business on Social Media – Facebook Ads vs. Post Boosting

Facebook has established itself as one of the cornerstones of any social media marketing strategy. With over a billion active users worldwide (of which 800 million log in daily), it’s not hard to understand why businesses want to get involved.

Social Network Flat Illustration Concept

Facebook lets businesses interact with their customers (and potential customers), in ways that build lasting loyalties and meaningful relationships. Sharing is also a big part of the Facebook user’s experience, and allows businesses to recruit users to get involved in their marketing.

However, Facebook has changed things up a bit and the ability of businesses to reach their target audience strictly through organic promotion with likes and shares is not what it used to be.… Read More >>

Beginner’s Guide to Facebook for Business – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

fb logoNot long ago, Facebook was a kitschy way for tech savvy twenty-somethings to talk about themselves, their friends, their music, and just about anything that might strike their whimsy.

A little bit later, the business world took notice, and some real innovators started setting up Facebook pages for their brands.

Now it’s 2014, and the idea of a business not having a Facebook page is business anathema. Think of a business not on Facebook. They’re still out there, but they’re an endangered species.

When it comes to Facebook, everyone is doing it.… Read More >>

Ultimate Facebook Profile Design Guide

Using Facebook for Business – Internet Marketing 101

For a business to stay relevant today, it simply must have an internet presence. And that means more than a simple website. Everything from a dynamic custom website to an engaged community of online brand advocates is necessary to have success in Internet marketing.

With today’s diverse social media platforms, it’s easier than ever for a company to interact with its online community. Facebook has become a primary way for many business to implement their social media marketing strategies. However, it’s important to keep up with changes in the platform to keep your business Facebook page sleek and accessible.… Read More >>

Internet Marketing for Business: How to Facebook’s New Video Ad Feature

Whether you are a seasoned social media pro or have just begun implementing Internet marketing for business strategies, it’s important to stay current on the latest happenings in the world of social media.

Have you heard about Facebook’s newest feature of video advertising? Facebook has a new video platform that gives advertisers an entirely new way to reach their target audiences. But it’s important to find the best way to utilize it in order to reach your audience in the most effective way.

This will help you market your brand to your consumers and grow your business on Facebook using tried and true Interent marketing methods.… Read More >>

Internet Marketing Tips: How to Get Ahead in Business

No matter what your job or business is, there are lessons to be learned from entrepreneurs. The thing that entrepreneurs know that some other people tend to forget is that everything you do impacts your business’ success or failure. Entrepreneurs know this because sometimes it means learning tough lessons.

Here at Loud Media, we are devoted to helping our clients succeed. Whether it’s helping them with the development of an overall marketing plan, social media consulting for business leads, or just designing a kick-ass custom website, we want our clients to get ahead.… Read More >>


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