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Why Does Facebook Matter to Online Marketing?

fb logoWhen Facebook first hit the social media scene, it took a while to catch on. Then, everyone and their grandmother had a Facebook account. Now, the social media giant’s popularity has seemingly waned among younger demographics.

This has caused online marketers to wonder: does Facebook still matter?

According to a recently released study, 30% of Americans get their news on Facebook. The data also shows that the social network drives users to other media sites.

The study, published by the Pew Research Center found that almost half of American users click on news in their Facebook feeds.… Read More >>

Facebook Marketing: Why Have A Business Fan Page?

Facebook Marketing: Why Have A Business Fan Page - Grow Your Business With Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing: Why Have A Business Fan Page – How To Grow Your Business With Facebook Marketing

Once you have set up and configured your personal Facebook profile, next step is to set up your Business Page, often referred to as a “Fan Page.”

But many people ask: Why have a business fan page?

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to have a Facebook Fan Page for Your Business

1. Community Building: The Fan Page is one of the best platforms for your top customers to come together for your product or services.… Read More >>

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