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Simple Tips for Creating Content that Wows

ID-100174180Content is your greatest social currency in today’s Internet marketing landscape.

Creating quality content is an important first step in spreading the word about your brand or business mission.

Do you ever feel like creating dynamic content is a struggle? Are you bored with the content you’ve been creating so far?

Here are a few simple tips for creating content that wows your audience.

This will help to ensure people not only read and engage with your brand, but share your content with their social networks as well.

1. Consider the goal – As you are writing, think about the goal you have in mind.… Read More >>

How To Create Brand Messages That GET NOTICED

ID-10079769How To Create Brand Messages That GET NOTICED

When it comes to establishing branding for your company or business, the “message” should be carefully taken into consideration and well thought out.

Marketing messages must not only capture an audience’s attention (immediately), but they should also compel them towards and action.

What action you desire them to take depends on what you are trying to accomplish, whether they are a visitor to your brand’s web site, actually shopping in your retail location or sharing your product or service with a friend.

As online marketers that work with business owners and brands, we have encountered lots of marketing messages over the years.… Read More >>

5 Tips for Capturing Search Engine Traffic (Get more traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing)

Many business owners are tasked with the challenge of building a great website for their brand.

The only problem is most people focus too much on how it looks, and not how well it is optimized.

To put it another way, if you only focus on the way your website  looks…isn’t your website like that proverbial tree in the forest.

If nobody hears it fall, did it really happen?

Same goes for your website. It doesn’t matter how amazing website looks, if you have zero traffic and lousy conversions what’s the point?… Read More >>

“Video Marketing Juice, Make More Sales With Video” – Hangout with Top Video Marketing Expert Imran Rahman

Video Marketing StrategiesCheck out this recent Google Hangout Interview that I did with top video marketing expert Imran Rahman.

If you’ve put video creation on the back burner, watch this video and discover why and how you can easily create great video content for your business.


Discover how to take your video marketing to the next level…

(Click The Video Below Now To Play)

According to a recent study put together by comScore, more than 4 in 5 internet users are consuming online video content in a given month.

Video, through the combination of audio and visual stimulus, quickly piques interest, converts more sales, and increases consumer retention.… Read More >>

Search Engine Optimization and Links in a Post Google Penguin 1.1 world

Google Marketing - Loud Media Solutions

Search Engine Optimization and Links in a Post Google Penguin 1.1 worldGoogle Marketing - Loud Media Solutions


SEO used to be all about backlinks… the more the merrier!

Now there is a new game in town…

Google Penguin 1.1

Penguin 1.1 hasn’t changed the overall SEO strategy, many say that search will be more interactive now.. You will still need links, submissions, articles, blogs – however, the quality of these resources would certainly matter a lot. There are still many types of tactics that work despite of their low quality and shady nature, Google is making it difficult to adopt it for long term success.… Read More >>

Simple 2 Step Social Media Strategy For Business

How To Make Social Media Work For Your Business, The Simple 2 Step Process

Looking for a simple 2 step strategy to get more customers with Social Media?

Well here it is…

How To Make Social Media Work For You, the simple 2 step process:How To Make Social Media Work For Your Business, The Simple 2 Step Process

1) First, Find your consumer online.

2) Second, Plan a marketing strategy in advance.

Before blindly joining a Social Network and spouting off about your business, the best marketing strategy is to first learn exactly where your consumers are.

Study and engage with them on their “home turf”

Look for online groups where your customer base is already actively congregating and start engaging them there.… Read More >>

How To Use Google Analytics and Website Traffic Statistics

How To Use Google Analytics and Website Traffic Statistics

How To Use Google Analytics and Website Traffic Statistics. . .

How To Use Google Analytics and Website Traffic Statistics

The main goal of Google analytics and web traffic statistics is to determine how well (or how poor) your site is working for your visitors.

One way to determine how your visitors like your site is to find out how long on average your visitors spend on your site.

If the time spent on your site is relatively brief, it usually indicates an underlying problem. Then you need to figure out what that problem is, and what the best way to overcome it.… Read More >>

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