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Internet Marketing Trends: Anticipatory Shipping

When it comes to e-commerce, Amazon is a heavy hitter. The latest way that Amazon plans to rule the e-commerce sphere is with a patented new method of knowing what customers want before they even buy it.

Called “anticipatory shipping” this method uses algorithms and big data to anticipate what products consumers might purchase.

It’s a way of starting the delivery process before a customer confirms his order. This way, it will reduce delivery time and make it less necessary for users to shop anywhere but online.

By predicting demand, Amazon is trying to offer its customers the highest level of service…meeting their needs before they even realize they exist.… Read More >>

Email Marketing: How To Convert More Sales With Automated Email Follow Up

Email Marketing: How To Convert More Sales With Automated Follow Up…

Want more leads, customers, and clients?

The reality is most people won’t purchase your product or service the fist time they talk to you or visit your site.

So the question is how are you following up with those prospects?

When your customers are ready to buy, what are you dong to make sure you are the one they think of (and not your competition).

Well the easiest way to solve this problem is to incorporate an automated email follow up sequence.… Read More >>

5 Reasons You NEED To Use Email Marketing

In order to get more business you need to get more prospects or leads, right?

Well, one of the easiest ways to get more customers is by automating your follow up.

You can automate your follow up to your new customers, past clients, and people who opt-in to your database or website.

Email marketing is one of the best way to stay in front of your target customers. By providing value-add information you can increase your credibility, offer solutions, and convert more sales.

We’ve already shared how email marketing can be a valuable tool for your business, but we wanted to share some more tips because we still get a lot of questions on this topic…

1) Get Personal – 

Social media might seem like a personal thing and it is!… Read More >>

Email is, and probably always will be… the king of online sales (for products AND services)

Loud Media Solutions - Email Marketing

Email is, and probably always will be… the king of online sales

Let me say that again… Email is, and probably always will be… the king of online sales

This comes as a surprise to many people.

Loud Media Solutions - Email MarketingEspecially nowadays, with all the rage behind Twitter, Facebook and every other form of social media (and don’t get me wrong, from a marketing perspective those are all great).

That being said, our clients and students are still making the most money marketing to the email list they build(by a long shot!).

If you’re not building an email list right now, start immediately.… Read More >>

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