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7 Changes Coming to Facebook in 2015

Facebook is rolling out some new Events features this year, and that means the way you use Facebook for your business may need some tweaking.

As Facebook continues to make it harder to use for business, keep up with some of the changes that might change how you’re doing things.

1.) Expect To See More Events/Related Events In Your Feed-

You already sometimes see it when a friend RSVPs an event in your feed. Soon you’re going to see a lot more of these updates. Facebook is hoping to expand its role as a social planning app by encouraging users to RSVP or join events more often.… Read More >>

3 Rules for Staying Out of Trouble with Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is great for business. But it can get you into trouble if you’re irresponsible or unethical. Whether you’re blogging, connecting with people on social media, or running an email campaign, there are laws that govern how you use property that you don’t own and how you communicate with folks for marketing purposes.

Don’t find yourself in violation of copyright laws, accused of plagiarism, or called a spammer. Learn the rules before you get started. Here are some guidelines to keep out of trouble.

1.) Images-

Man take photo of you - take a portrait. Guy photographs - take pictures. Photographer holding old retro vintage camera

The person who took the photo is the owner of any image you find online, so unless you took it with a camera yourself, it’s someone else’s property.… Read More >>

7 Tips for Getting Your Brand the Attention It Needs Online

If your brand isn’t reaching your target audience online, it’s probably going to die. That may sound like an oversimplification, but it’s not.

You can run all the social media campaigns and clever advertising you want, but if you are not making the connection with your target audience on the internet, it’s all for naught. So what’s the best way to get your brand the attention it so desperately needs on the web?

No matter how good your products or services are, if your brand fails to turn heads, no one is going to know about it.… Read More >>

9 Tips for Maximizing Your Twitter Account’s Effectiveness

The advantages of a well run Twitter account for your brand and business are immeasurable. The opportunities to reach out to your customers and spread brand awareness with Twitter are practically endless.


Here are some tips to maximize your returns with Twitter.

1.) Quality Control-

Your tweets are not the place to get lazy. It can be easy to play it fast and loose due to the nature of Twitter. But don’t get so comfortable that you start to neglect the basics like spelling, frequency, images, and above all, content.… Read More >>

How to Craft a Strong Website or Blog Using WordPress

If you want to build a quality website or blog, a great option is WordPress. There are other platforms available, but some would argue they don’t have the robust features or the user friendliness that you get with WordPress.

In this day and age, if you don’t have a website or blog, you’re probably not too serious about your business. But maybe you’re new to this whole Internet marketing game and you realize the importance of these things.

Ready to launch a new website using WordPress? We’re your guys.


Not only is Loud Media the leader in the Internet marketing game, we understand what business owners want.… Read More >>

4 Tips for Getting Millennials to Share Your Content

Millennials are the fastest growing (and currently the largest), demographic. In terms of buying power, millennials spend over a hundred and fifty billion dollars annually.

And that number is only going to get bigger over the next couple of decades. As far as online marketing is concerned, millennials are the most dialed in.

Millennial teenage girls with smart phones


They’re not the end of the line (boomers are increasingly tech savvy), but they’re definitely the lion’s share of focus for most internet marketing strategies.

So it’s vital for your company to reach them, and more importantly, getting them to reach out to each other with your content.… Read More >>

7 Tips for Salvaging Your Failing Website

Is your website listing like a damaged vessel, dead in the water, and seemingly beyond salvage no matter what you try to revive it?

If this describes your current situation, it may be time to make some changes before it’s too late to save your website from internet purgatory.

Laptop Personal Computer On The Beach

There are a lot of ways websites fail. From design to user navigation, if your website is underdeveloped in a single area, it has the potential to drive off customers. The exact opposite effect you’re looking for. Your customers are internet savvy and have small attention spans.… Read More >>


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