Get Back to Email Marketing in 2015 with these 4 Simple Tips

Social media is a vital part of any marketing strategy. But internet marketing is getting harder to leverage for the same kinds of returns companies could count on just a few short years ago.

There are several reasons. It’s getting harder for businesses to get their content viewed without going the paid advertisement route.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are incorporating more and more paid options into their business models to maximize their profits.

This isn’t to say social media for business is in any danger of going anywhere. It’s absolutely not. But if companies want to maximize social media’s effectiveness, they need to be prepared to pay up.

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Organic content is going to be seen by smaller and smaller numbers of followers in the coming year. Especially on Facebook. It’s something every company needs to keep in mind moving forward with their social media marketing strategies.

Another reason social media is getting harder is that algorithms and search engine optimization are becoming more and more difficult to understand for regular users. Social media experts have become a niche service provider in the business to business world.

Companies are finding that they get the best results from social media by turning their efforts over to these specialists who can focus their resources and time on maximizing their internet marketing returns.

All of this means companies will be looking for ways to really double down on their organic online marketing off the social media platforms. One of the most effective ways for a company to market itself online is to build their email list.

With a well maintained email list, a company can reach out to potential customers and followers with newsletters, direct marketing, and ecommerce.

But when you decide to beef up your company’s email marketing campaign, there are lots of thing to take into consideration.

Executed without the right planning and understanding of what you’re trying to achieve, an email marketing plan can degenerate into a quagmire and cost you followers, business, and your reputation. Here are a few ideas for making sure you’re building your email list right.

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1.) Sign Up Forms-

Make them stand out and make them an easy process. Make sure you are letting your subscribers know exactly what they are getting. Let them know how often you will be sending emails, and don’t deviate from that frequency. No one wants to sign up for a single email per week and end up getting ten instead. This is how you lose subscribers and look shady while you do it.

2.) Opt Outs-

Make sure your subscribers can unsubscribe in a quick and easy fashion. Just because they are choosing to unsubscribe now doesn’t mean they won’t be back.

If you make it hard to get off your email list, you can be pretty sure you’re going to irritate your followers enough that they definitely won’t be back.

3.) Show Some Gratitude-

It’s important to remember that you’re sending emails to real people with real feelings. It’s wise to send them a thank you every now and again. Send a personalized message of thanks.

Soulless generated emails are never a good idea, especially when you’re trying to say thanks for subscribing. It also never hurts to thank your subscribers with a little freebie or access to a special or some exclusive content.

Just like in real face to face relationships, showing a little gratitude goes a long way towards maintaining good relationships.

4.) Integrity-

Never sell your email list and never send an unsolicited advertisement not related to your brand. When people opt in, they’re entering into an unspoken agreement with you and your business.

Email addresses are a private thing, and you can’t just give them out. Respecting your followers privacy should always be your number one priority.

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These are just a few ways you can ensure that your efforts in the New Year will have maximum benefits for your business. Opportunities abound in the area of growing your business with Internet marketing strategies.

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