Internet Marketing Trends: Anticipatory Shipping

When it comes to e-commerce, Amazon is a heavy hitter. The latest way that Amazon plans to rule the e-commerce sphere is with a patented new method of knowing what customers want before they even buy it.

Called “anticipatory shipping” this method uses algorithms and big data to anticipate what products consumers might purchase.

It’s a way of starting the delivery process before a customer confirms his order. This way, it will reduce delivery time and make it less necessary for users to shop anywhere but online.

By predicting demand, Amazon is trying to offer its customers the highest level of service…meeting their needs before they even realize they exist.

Your brand or business might not have access to the cutting edge technology that Amazon does, but there are ways you can take this model and apply it to what you do.

Think about the data that you have collected about your customers. Maybe you know how frequently they place an order for a certain good or service. How about creating an email campaign that is timed to remind them it’s nearly time to re-order?

Maybe your brand offers a service. If you have data on birthdays of your customers, why not contact them with a birthday message and discount coupon for the next service they purchase. Or send a reminder to their spouse that their birthday is coming up and it might be a good time to buy a gift certificate for the service you offer.

Just because you can’t rule the world of e-commerce like Amazon doesn’t mean you can’t maximize your brand’s impact online.

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