Internet Marketing Tips for Success: Everything You Needed to Know About Email Marketing

Email marketing is a vital part of a company’s overall marketing strategy. Marketers often face challenges when trying to build their email list. A consumer’s email address is one of the most valuable commodities to an internet marketing professional.

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This is because when you have permission to send someone an email because they have opted in to you list, it demonstrates that they are interested and invested in the information that you are sharing.

Email is arguably more powerful in many ways than social media because while social media involves an ever changing stream of content with many opportunities to miss different information, email marketing provides a direct line of communication into a consumer’s email inbox.

Good email marketing takes a lot of time and commitment but it’s only worth doing if you are going to do it right. Try to adhere to some universal best practices to make sure your email marketing strategy is worth it.

Opt Ins- Unless actually trying to alienate potential customers, never send emails unless the receiver has opted in or given you permission first. Nobody wants unsolicited information about your company’s products or services in their email. Make an opt in button very clear on your website to give your visitors the option whether or not to receive your emails.

Opt Outs- Just as important (maybe more important because it’s the law), is giving your subscribers an easy to find opt out option. Just because a subscriber chooses to opt out, it doesn’t mean they won’t be back. Make opting out a headache and that might not be the case.

Find Your Zone- Figure out where your visitors are interacting the most with your brand. Is it in your store? Is it on your Facebook or Twitter? Is it your website? Focus on making that particular experience the most rewarding for your visitors and focus on building your email subscriptions there.

What Are They Getting Out Of It?- You need to provide an incentive for visitors to want to sign up for your email list. Promotions, coupons, freebies, first alerts to sales, are just a few ways to motivate people to give your brand some more thought.

Making it Mobile- Your email has to be viewable from mobile devices. Failing to be mobile compatible is failing to keep up with modern technology, and that’s a turn off for today’s tech-savvy consumers.

Quality over Quantity: Getting the Right Frequency- Inform your subscribers how often you intend to email them. Let them know in the opt in information how often they can expect an email. There’s a big difference between emailing a subscriber twice a month and everyday.

What’s Such a Big Deal About Content- Your emails should be about a lot more than just your products and services. Your company should use its email to establish itself as an expert in their field. Do this by providing useful and helpful information. Talk about events or even what your competitors are up to. Make your emails something your subscribers look forward to receiving. Let them know your company is there to help.

Finding the Right Timing for Email Marketing- Figure out the best time to send your emails by trying different times and researching your open rates. While there is no official “best” time to send out your emails, some research suggests it’s between 2 and 5 pm. Always do it during normal working hours. Don’t send emails out at night.

The Importance of Finding the Perfect Email Subject Lines- People get email all day long, and your subscribers are no exception. If your email doesn’t sound interesting to your readers as they scan through their list of new mail, you can bet it’s getting deleted. Let people know how they will benefit from your email by telling them with the subject line.

Using Images in Email Marketing – People want to interact visually these days. Accommodate this by sending emails that have more of a visual aspect as compared to simply a huge block of boring text.

Even a single relevant pic will get better interaction than a text bomb. This is not to say that you should put dozens of pics in every single one of your emails. Find a happy medium that gets positive feedback from your subscribers and stick to it.

As your company progresses with its email marketing strategy, keep these best rules in mind. They’re the best way to ensure your email list expands and build lasting relationships with your consumers.

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