How to Get More Customers using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful tool and today’s post features an awesome video with our good friend Rick who will help you get the most out of this often misunderstood platform.

Many people don’t understand LinkedIn and you might be one of them. Some think it’s just a resume site, and it does have that capability, but it’s also so much more. If you aren’t currently monetizing your LinkedIn efforts, you should be! There’s a wealth of untapped resources to be had using LinkedIn and this great video will illustrate that.

During our eye-opening interview with Rick, we’ll cover everything from how to make the right LinkedIn connections to how to get introduced to folks who can help you take it to the next level.

So just what makes Rick the LinkedIn expert? Well, he speaks all over the world, most recently in Dubai…a true business center. He also coaches entrepreneurs and start-ups so they can achieve the ultimate success. Before he built his coaching business, he ran some other successful businesses, but started feeling burned out with the daily grind. He ended up leaving them to explore pursuits that were more tapped into his passions.

Maybe you’re thinking about leaving a secure job to dip your toes into the waters of entrepreneurship. If so, this video has some great information for you!

First, you have to remember that LinkedIn works because it’s a relationship platform. Many people have described LinkedIn as Facebook for business, but Rick says no. He equates this platform to a chamber of commerce and says users must use it in a similar fashion. In order to optimize your LinkedIn account, you will need to keep this in mind.

At the end of the day, it’s about meeting people and building relationships. It’s about attracting people to you and getting introduced to the ones you want to meet.

Rick goes on to share some success stories about how he has helped multiple LinkedIn users improve their profiles so that they will have greater reach. He says it’s all about earning credibility and building your reputation. There are certain steps you must take to do this and this video will share those as well!

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