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Business websites are dead weight if they are not producing. If your website isn’t generating the business you expect, it might be time to start considering some new internet marketing ideas.

There are proven methods for drawing traffic like social media, blogs, and video marketing. But there are other ways you might be overlooking. Look at some of these methods and see if they might be a good fit with your company’s existing online marketing strategies.

Blog Commenting-

This means visiting other (read: RELEVANT) blogs and commenting so that it gives a link back to your site.

Blog commenting is okay if you do it right. Just throwing links around can actually hurt your business. Use your real name and have something relevant and interesting to say.

Getting genuinely involved in the discussion and not just using it to get your links in makes you a part of the community and proves you’re not there to exploit it. This isn’t to say blog commenting isn’t about getting traffic because it is.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t build good content and relationships while you do it. Find blogs related to your field and build trust and meaningful exchange with them.

Honesty Counts-

Let your visitors know in no uncertain terms that you want their business, you want them to sign up for your email list, and you definitely want them to share your content with their friends.

Avoid insulting your visitors intelligence by over selling your products and services.

Give incentives to encourage their participation with your brand, but don’t become a sleazy salesman trying to convince your customers they can’t live without your brand.

They can, and they will if you turn them off because you sound less than genuine.

Writing A Guest Blog-

This is a great way to not only generate traffic by getting your brand out there for people to see, but it helps you to build relationships in your field.

Find a popular blog in your field and get them to let you write a guest blog for them.

Stick to their guidelines and submit some high caliber content worthy of your brand. Your guest blog will link back to your company’s website.

This will build your reputation in your niche and go a long way toward establishing you as an expert in your field. You’ll also be building relationships that will help you reach out to new customers and followers.

Interview Experts In Your Field-

One great way to boost not only your traffic but also your reputation is to find experts related to your field and invite them to be interviewed on your blog.

This is a great way to boost your standing as an expert in your field, especially if the interview is providing some knowledge and information that is useful for your followers, or is at the very least highly entertaining.

Customer Service-

Providing your customers with outstanding service is the best way to ensure their return business. This also applies to your website.

Simple actions like follow up emails to inquire if a customer was satisfied, and giving away unannounced freebies when they answer calls to action can go along way toward building customer loyalty and return business.

If your followers are having an experience on your brand’s website that makes them want to return, it’s a safe bet they are going to share their experience with a friend and generate new traffic and business for you.

Streamline Your Website-

Make sure you aren’t wasting your visitors’ time on your website. Slow loading times can cause a potential follower to click away in frustration, possibly never to return.

Make sure images on your sight are conducive to quick loading times. Remove anything that’s slowing down your website and find a faster way forward.

Don’t use automatic music and audio on your website. No one wants to scramble to silence their devices in sound sensitive areas because your unsolicited jingle smacked them in the ears. Make any form of audio strictly voluntary and easily accessed and controlled.

No Ads-

Don’t run ads for any other products on your brand’s website. Not only does it compromise your brand’s integrity, it drive’s business towards someone else. They’re just not worth it, so don’t do it.

Internet Chart With Red MarkerEvery business has to find internet marketing strategies that work for them. See if some of these ideas might mesh well with your online marketing.

These are just a few ideas you can add to to your online marketing strategies that might give your business website traffic a boost. Always be willing to try new things and see what works for your business.

As your company progresses with its Internet marketing strategy, always be looking for ways to expand and grow. And if you feel like your voice is a little too quiet, we can help you be LOUD!

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