AWeber vs. Constant Contact – Choosing the Right Email Marketing for Your Business

Subscription Email Service. Why You Need It.

Ask any successful internet marketer and they will tell you there are several moving parts in any online marketing strategy. A good website is usually your company’s cornerstone, backed up by social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and finally, a consistent and engaging blog.

Add to these an effective email subscription plan and you add one more layer of marketing designed to drive traffic toward your website and thereby your brand. Finding the right email subscription for your company is vital to ensuring your online marketing strategy is reaching out and engaging your potential customers.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

The bottom line is you need email sign ups on your website because people who sign up want to hear from you in the future, and that means they are at least entertaining the idea of giving you their business.

Remember that as you write that monthly newsletter and fill it with useful information about your products and services, as well as non sales information meant to entertain and inform. Keep your readers interested. It will translate to sales eventually.

How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Platform for Your Busines –

There’s a lot of commercial email subscription services out there to choose from. Do your research and take the free trials to find the one that’s right for your company and brand. Whichever service you opt for, make sure you’re choosing one with certain universal standards.

You don’t want to be a spammer. You can’t just add someone to your list without their prior consent. Don’t risk getting banned from services or the reputation of your brand.

Pick a platform with permission based service, meaning a subscriber must first agree to being added to your email list. The new subscriber gets a confirmation email which they must respond to in order to get added to your email list. It’s that simple and saves you a lot of headaches.

There are a lot of choices when it comes time to get a subscription email service. Here’s a comparison of two of the more popular providers available today: AWeber and Constant Contact. See if their services are right for your company.

What’s so Great About Constant Contact? 

Constant Contact gives its users a wide selection of email templates. These are great for getting word out about your sales ,special events, and important information like a relocation or a temporary closing for a remodel. The templates give users a lot of options for customization, like color, text, patterns, and formatting. Email marketing campaigns are easy and you can generate polls and surveys for an extra fee.

The Simple Share feature allows your newsletter to translate to whatever social media platform you choose, and Constant Contact is faster at delivering emails than AWeber.

Constant Contact is more expensive than AWeber, but gives you the option of a monthly or quarterly (the cheaper option) payment plan. You can save five images in the image library for free. After that you have to purchase an upgrade.

What’s the Deal with AWeber? 

Aweber is perhaps one of the most popular subscription email services available today. It has a unique time saving feature which takes your last two RSS blog feeds and builds a hasty newsletter out of them. A wonderful feature if you’re feeling the crunch.

Their quarterly payment plan is cheaper than Constant Contact’s. Abweber can integrate your emails and your blog posts, sending them out with emails to your subscribers. This gives you a great way to get content out with your newsletters and emails.

AWeber gives you the option to schedule emails, saving you time and getting your info out at optimal times. AWeber has a reporting feature to provide you with information about which of your emails is performing and which are not. It’s a valuable way to get a look at what works with your followers.

You can also integrate AWeber with you social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This lets you simultaneously post on your wall and you feeds. Some complaints about the service with AWeber is that it might not be as reliable as Constant Contact. But many users say it works like a charm. Aweber is good for affiliate marketing because they offer ways to test your content and make sure it is compliant with their rules and regs.

Both Constant Contact and AWeber are effective subscription email services. It’s ultimately up to you to decide who can best serve your email marketing needs. Just remember how potent a tool email marketing is and integrate it into your overall internet marketing strategy.

As you are deciding which email marketing platform is best for you and your business, be sure to read all the fine print. And don’t pay big bucks for something that might not end up working for you in the long run.

If you do have to switch from one platform to another, make sure to take your email contacts with you in the form of a exported CSV or TXT file. And always back up your contacts just in case.

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