7 Tips For Creating Viral Content – How To Make Your Content Go Viral

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Here’s a possible scenario for you: Your brand is growing and your blog is generating traffic, but you still haven’t seen any of your content go viral.

Maybe this is where you’ve found yourself.

Well, viral content doesn’t just happen. It takes a lot more than just putting out good content to achieve the coveted viral status.

There’s an endless stream of great content that never goes viral. You probably see it everyday. But then there’s that great content, that takes off and whizzes through the world of Internet land from person to person, gaining views and comments and likes.

If you want your blog or video to go viral, you’ve got to work with that in mind from the beginning. Sure, it has to be great content, but that’s not enough in of itself. Take a look at some of these strategies and see if you can apply them to your online marketing strategies.

Relevance- Sure, you have followers. But do they care enough about what you’re talking about to give it more than a couple minutes of their time? Is it something they’ll go out of their way to talk about with their friends?

It may related to your field or directly about your brand, but if it’s not interesting and no one cares, you can rest assured it will not be going viral. You have to find a way to make your content interesting enough to stand out and get talked about. That means shared.Woman holding a smiling face emoticon


Is It Useful Or Helpful?- People share ideas they come across that prove valuable to their lives. Is what you’re talking about useful for your followers? Perhaps even more importantly, is it valuable enough that they want to share it with their friends and family?

People want to help their loved ones, and if you share content showing them something they can use, they’re going to want those people to know about it, too.

Will Your Followers Remember It?- Your content has to stand out from the crowd, somehow, someway.

Let’s say you do a video with your products. Can you make it stand out in a way that goes beyond its simple function or purpose? How can you frame your product in action or presentation that makes it stand out in your follower’s memory?

Good Times- Is your content uplifting? An emotional reaction to your content is a guaranteed way to get it shared.

Not only do people want to share useful information with loved ones, but they also want them experience the same joy they felt from viewing content. Granted, not every piece of content in the world can make us all feel warm and fuzzy inside, but if you want to go viral for positive reasons (and if you’re in business, you do), your material better be making people feel good.

If you can make content that makes people feel better about themselves that’s all the better.

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Is Your Content Entertaining?- Do people look forward to your posts and videos because they’re entertained by them? Can you use your branded content as a vehicle to entertain?

Can you give useful and educational information meshed with entertaining content? Think about it: if you’re watching a video about dog food, isn’t it more entertaining if the video features an insanely cute puppy doing something amazing? If you can entertain your followers, they will share your content.

Timing- Post your content at times most likely to get it shared. Figure out when your content is getting the most action with some experimenting.

There are obvious times you should never post, like rush hour, late at night, lunch, dinner, etc. Once you find that sweet spot for your content, stick to it. People who see content posted in real time are much more likely to be enthusiastic about sharing it.

Don’t Make It About Sales- You can’t expect content that is overtly focused on sales to go viral. Don’t let your content devolve into an infomercial. No one is going to share something boring and most likely an insult to their intelligence.

Viral content is never a sales pitch. Make sure your content is good enough that your brand and product sell themselves. A sales pitch will do little more than alienate your followers and make them think all you want is their money.

That’s no way to build the kind of meaningful relationships you need to get your content to go viral.

Keep these ideas in mind the next time you sit down to work on your content to improve your chances of going viral.

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