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Many business owners are tasked with the challenge of building a great website for their brand.

The only problem is most people focus too much on how it looks, and not how well it is optimized.

To put it another way, if you only focus on the way your website  looks…isn’t your website like that proverbial tree in the forest.

If nobody hears it fall, did it really happen?

Same goes for your website. It doesn’t matter how amazing website looks, if you have zero traffic and lousy conversions what’s the point?

This is why we wanted to share some strategies that you can implement to begin better capturing that organic web traffic from the big search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

These tips should help you start getting more traffic to your website in a relatively short amount of time.

1. Own Your Site and Domain – 

Some might say you can have success with a free host provider, but there are certain things about this that work against you.

Owning your own site gives you greater control over the design and layout. Also, other Internet users and site publishers are more likely to trust websites with unique domain name.

For example if you started a free hosted website with a company like then you would have a longer domain because they add their info into the domain name of you site. Look at this site,, it’s a cool blog, but the domain name is really long and ugly. She would be better served to get her site hosted and buying a unique domain name (like JoannaDoddard .com, or something else that’s simple), it’s easier for people to remember and it strengthens the overall brand.

If you want to start free because you’re on a really tight budget we understand, but as soon as you can upgrade to your own hosting and domain name combo do it. If you are looking for hosting, we recommend

Finally, free hosted sites are generally more susceptible to spam which could cost you in search engine penalties.

2. Pay Attention to Content & Structure – 

When it comes to natural SEO, your website should be original, relevant, and transparent on every page. It’s important to test the quality of your website regularly.

In today’s world Content is king, search engines are smart… and getting smarter. For more info you can check out this post we did on “How Do Google Algorithm Changes Affect My Website?

Avoid unnatural practices like doorway pages, shadow domains and other deceptive methods.

You can test the health of your site using Google’s Webmaster Tools as well as make sure there aren’t any unnatural links coming from or pointing to your site.

3. Create Good Content – 

This one is pretty simple, but very important.

Provide a good user experience with good content. Can’t stress this enough.

When you create good content you will get more links, more repeat visitors, more shares, more likes, and more customers!

4. Be Social – 

Use social media to create engagement around your website and its content.

Social media is being integrated into natural SEO more often lately and it plays a role in authority, relevance and source diversity.

Think about what engages you…then put those things into practice with your own engagement efforts. Keep it short and sweet as a rule of thumb.

Don’t forget a compelling call to action!

5. Do Your Keyword Research – 

Did you know you can use tools like Google’s Keyword Tool to find quality, relevant keywords?

Make sure to use terms that flow with your content…but don’t try to do any unnatural SEO keywording (i.e. stuffing).

These tips should help you capture some of that amazing natural SEO. It will create a better user experience for your readers and visitors plus contribute to a better overall web environment for the rest of us!

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