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Connecting with your clients and prospects online is an easy, free, and fast way to get more customers.

To do it right you need to make it easy and “non-threatening” for your audience to participate.

So what does that mean exactly?

It means that not only does your content matter on the social web, but your personality matters too.

Custom Websites Loud Media SolutionsIn other words, you want to be accessible and approachable in all of your social media marketing communications.

Think of it just like real life…

Don’t talk at people, don’t complain, don’t be negative, and don’t be a jerk (no one likes that stuff)

Talk with your fan base in a manner that makes it clear that you want them to join the conversation.

Focus on asking lot’s of questions, this will engage your fans and make it easier for them to interact with you.

Try questions that make it easy for people to respond, like:

– “What do you like better _________ or ___________?”
– “What do you think of __________ (product or service)”
– “What has your been your experience with ____________”
– “How do you use _________________ in your business/life”

The key is making it easy and interactive for your people. Doing this will also help you get great feedback on your products and services to make them better in the future.

This applies to your employees as well. Your employees are your best brand advocates.

Make it easy and non- threatening for them to talk about your business on the social web by providing simple guidelines for them to follow.

As your conversation grows online and you become more of a subject matter expert your traffic and amount of new business will go through the roof.

Use these strategies to create a strong bond between you, your prospects, and your clients.

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