How do Google SPAM Filters Affect your email marketing drip campaign?

There’s no reason why you can’t automate some of the functions of your business. This might include things like outsourced call centers, postcard blasts or an email drip campaign.

It allows you to spend more time making real connections with your audience where it matters.

Lots of brands and businesses are using email drip campaigns to reach a large audience for a low cost and at a faster rate. But there are some challenges you must consider when using this marketing tactic.

Google has its hand in just about everything that has to do with the Internet, including email. Gmail, Google’s email product, has gone from an invite-only beta system to the most popular web-based email in the world.

This means you have to create your email marketing campaigns, to some degree, around the guidelines that Google sets forth.

Lately, Gmail has incorporated some aggressive spam filters, with the goal of keeping a user’s inbox as neat and tidy as possible. So just what does this mean for you? Well, more aggressive spam filters means that more newsletters, customer update emails and drip campaigns might end up in the spam folder…never to be seen again.

Here are some things you can do to have greater success with your email drip campaigns and avoid the spam folders once and for all!

Get Up Close & Personal –

If a Gmail user opens your email and thinks it is a waste of their time, they might mark it as spam. Each time this happens, a report gets sent to Google.

This also affects the likelihood that the next thing sent from the same address will automatically go into the spam folder…but not just for that user; in Gmail accounts across the ENTIRE NETWORK.

Give your audience something they can connect with. Create content that is personal so they will want to read it.

So what does that mean exactly?

– Don’t just SELL SELL SELL

– Focus on adding maximum value and when you set up your emails write them as if you were writing to a friend.

– Keep them simple, no need to add a bunch of fluff.

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Customize This – 

Something else to think about is how you can send customized information to each email recipient.

If you can automate and do this at the same time, you’ll have success.

Think about your content like this:

  • Don’t send customers anything you wouldn’t read yourself
  • Ask yourself: “If I sent this message to five friends, how many would read it?”

Be specific instead of vague when it comes to your subject lines. Give people something they will enjoy reading. Create content they will want to share, not delete.

If you have a product or service, think about when to send emails to your customers depending on their particular tastes or needs. If you have a coupon for a late-night meal or drink special, wouldn’t it make sense to send it at a time when people might use it?

Interaction is the Name of the Game 

Whether your marketing budget is large or small, you can’t afford to miss this next tip.

The goals of a drip campaign are to establish contact with your audience. The campaign is only as effective as the number of people who are driven to act. Who cares if you sent out 1,000 emails if no one opens them or click through.

So craft relavant titles that will spur interaction and when people take the time to respond make sure that you always get back to them, even if its just a simple hello.

By creating authentic opportunities for interaction, you can target specific audiences and increase the chances they will act on your messages and offers.

Go for quality over quantity.

Just Google It

Google might not rule the world, but it’s not for lack of trying. As Google changes and evolves, we will have to do the same.

Our tactics must always be current and work with the current rules and parameters of Google. Consumers don’t like generic marketing and neither do we.

Here at Loud Media Solutions, we are always a step ahead of the next rule change. By creating custom, unique and personal messages, we can make our Internet marketing loud enough to be heard by just the right people.

And if you need some extra help with social media or anything else that has to do with Internet Marketing, call on us!

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