Email Marketing Tip’s For Business.. Send The Correct (Targeted) Message

Are your customer emails working as hard as they can? That’s important because your past purchasers are your most likely next purchasers, and good email communication is one of the most cost effective ways that you can increase revenue.Email Marketing - Automated Email Follow-up

Don’t confuse transactional (or confirmation) emails with welcome/communication emails. Email Marketing – Automated Email Follow-up

Are you missing the opportunity of welcoming customers after their first purchase?

Most of the online merchants who send welcome emails to people who made inquiries did not send welcome emails to new buyers.

This is a big mistake, even if these buyers already opted in to your list. Your welcome email should thank them for signing up to receive further communications, let them know about what to expect next, and reiterate  the benefits of getting your emails.

It’s all about creating an authentic connection with your list.
When they know you and feel comfortable they buy from you!

Note: Welcome messages should be customized based on the buyer’s recent purchase. This will make the welcome message an early, highly relevant ‘conversation’ in the relationship with the buyer.

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