Easy Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Business Page For Success

ID-10019659LinkedIn is a great marketing tool for any business. It’s important to optimize your company page so that your brand or business can achieve the maximum benefits of having one.

Here at Loud Media Solutions, we want to provide you with practical, helpful Internet marketing information so your brand or business can grow and thrive.

This post will give you some simple steps for optimizing your business LinkedIn page so you can start getting more bang for your Internet buck!

1. Basic Info – First, pay attention to the basics. Fields such as Company Type, Company Size, Company Website URL, Main Company Industry, Company Operating Status and Year Founded are important because they let visitors know the most important information about your company.

It might seem simple, but this is an important first step to optimizing your business LinkedIn page. Maybe you’ve already filled in this information, but it might be good to double-check it and make sure it is accurate. If anything about your business has changed, update that content as well.

2. Location – Next, fill in your Company Location. To ensure you get the best SEO, enter this information consistently with how you have done so on other Internet sites and directories. If your business is a brick and mortar and you have multiple locations or offices, click on the button to “Add another location” and fill that in as well.

At the bottom of the page, you can add your company description. A couple of sentences should be enough. This is also a good place to include your company’s specialties or niche.

3. Logo & Cover – A standard logo on LinkedIn is depicted as 60 x 60. Using a logo with a white background is best because this is how LinkedIn will lay out your image.

A LinkedIn cover image is 646 x 200. Choose a cover image that best represents your brand. You can also upload a larger image and then crop it to fit. We also wrote a post with complete Linkedin profile and company page design guide that you can use as a handy resource.

4. Page Admins – Determine who will be administrator of your company LinkedIn page. The person or people who are admins should be entered on the page. Whether you have a social media manager or this is a group effort, having pre-determined admins makes it easier to keep your page updated.

5. Post Content – Sharing updates daily helps keep your audience engaged. Blog posts, webinars, videos and other branded content make for a better LinkedIn presence. Use images that are good quality.

6. Identify Your Audiences – LinkedIn makes it possible to specify target audiences when posting. You can choose different parameters (industry, geographic location, company size) that will help ensure your content is seen by the people who will be most likely to engage.

If you end up being connected with someone that you’d rather not be, it’s simple to disconnect from Linkedin users even after you are connected. Think about who you want to connect with and make sure you select connections based on your overall strategy.

7. Promote Jobs – LinkedIn is a great way for your company to recruit. If you are hiring, add the job posting to your LinkedIn company page.

8. Measure! – It’s important to keep track of your results using social media. You can measure your LinkedIn page’s success with Insights. This includes information such as how followers are interacting with your company, what industries your followers work in and how many impressions your updates have made in a particular month.

The main thing to remember with LinkedIn or any other social media platform, it isn’t enough to have a presence unless it is yielding results for your business. This could be anything from new leads to new customers, or increased sales and new hires.

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