How To Create A Community For Your Brand Or Business With Video and YouTube

Community: “A body of persons or nations having a common history or common social, economic, and political interests”

In other words a group of people who are interested in what you are doing.

Your main goal as a content producer and running your business YouTube channel is creating a community of people who are interested in your niche.

In this video interview with Chris Grow, Founder of The Shred Show we cover…


“How To Create A Community For Your Brand Or Business With Video and YouTube”

Chris has been featured in the Wall St Journal and Surfer Magazine and  is someone who has experienced great success in building his community, which he calls the “Shred Nation”.

Chris has taken a community of surfers and surfboard enthusiasts and leveraged it to create a platform where he can shine as an industry expert as well as influencer.

In this video, Loud Media’s Oliver Graf sat down with Chris to hear how he did it. Chris shares the story of how he built Shred Show as well as how other businesses can take similar concepts and use them to grow a community of raving fans and customers.

Check it out to learn how you can use the same methods to experience success in building your own community.

Click the video below to play (6 minutes 44 Seconds) and sit back and relax:

Here is how the video breaks down…

00:46: What makes Shred Show a success
01:21: Creating a community / Write a manifesto
02:15: How business owners can duplicate Chris’ Success
03:44: Adding value and build trust
05:35: Communicating directly with your audience
06:01: The “Radio show” example

A true sense of community might not happen overnight, but with the right methods in place, you can start building your community right away.

Try these tips to help get started…

1) Write Your Manifesto

-Start by writing a manifesto, a battle cry, you can view Chris’ at

-This is where you outline your core reason for doing what you’re doing, and it gives your viewers an easy way to decide whether they’re with you or against you.

-It also helps give your audience an identity: For example, if your’ a fan of Mixergy, Andrew Warner calls his viewers “Freedom Fighters” (probably because all entrepreneurs are essentially fighting to be rich because they want the freedom it gives them.)

2) Talk to your audience by name.

– Think of those radio shows where they they are constantly giving shout outs to their listeners and bringing them on the station, it draws more people in and keeps them engage.

– When you answer your communities questions, answer them by name.

– What Chris does with the shred show is a subscriber video of the day, where he highlights one of his viewers doing something cool, shout out to people who email him and who comment on his videos.

– You could do an email of the day, a question of the day – The Goal is to connect with your audience by talking to individuals, not talking to a camera.

3) Measure Success

– There are a lot of ways you can measure success, but most of them don’t matter.

– For example, It’s very tempting to measure your view count and subscriber count, but its, in my experience, very hard to determine exactly what actions impact those numbers in a quantitative way.

– So only focus on two qualitative metrics – create content that you love, and have conversations with every single person who contacts you.

– Because creating strong relationships with individuals in your audience gives them incentive to share you in real face to face interactions… I don’t’ mean a Facebook status or twitter update I mean telling people about you in the real world.

If you found this useful (or hated it) let us know by leaving a comment.

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